Ron Z. Opher – Consulting Services

As a business attorney and trusted advisor, I have been providing consulting services for nearly 20 years.  As my law practice evolved into a narrow specialty, my job function as a business owner grew into a broad range of responsibilities.  I am harnessing this experience to help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies solve their business problems.

Returning to the grassroots of the trusted advisor role, I am utilizing my prior experience wearing many hats to deliver perspectives that include empathy, problem-solving, and strategic planning to a broader business audience.  Some have called this “coaching,” but I feel equally adept advising on behalf of an entire enterprise as I do advising individuals – as long as this is done as an “either-or” engagement.

A sampling of my recent consulting range of services includes:

•    Analyzing prior performance data at the firm level, and taking industry benchmarks and macroeconomic trends into account, to chart a future course of action

•    Creating operational efficiencies for cost savings, leading to increased profitability

•    Analyzing sources of profitability at the client level and encouraging diversification to mitigate risk

•    Identifying the value of high-performing employees in the enterprise, and creating programs geared to retaining those employees, while evaluating and challenging others to raise their performance levels

•    Assisting the owner(s) of an enterprise in recognizing the direct impact of profitability of the value of the business were it to be sold, and to the degree warranted, helping establish a strategy for establishing financial goals for such a sale and identifying potential successor owners.

Here is what some people that I have worked closely with have been saying in support of my consulting practice:

“I have known Ron Opher for well over ten years.

Since the mid-1990’s, we were members of the same trade association and both of us were on that organization’s board of Directors.  Ron was a Director, and, later, an officer of the association. We spent time during the conventions talking; and often emailing thoughts thereafter.  Ron continues to offer cogent comments to matters posted on the trade association’s list serve.

Ron is one of smartest people I know.  I would go to him for advice anytime.  I was amazed when I learned that he was a lot younger than I am, given his wisdom on so many things.

During our tenures on the Board, Ron always had a keen instinct on how to solve the issues that came before us.  While we may not have always agreed on each item, I always respected his point of view.  He would listen to what the others around the table said, and then distill it neatly and concisely and recommend a course of action.

Ron is always thinking ahead.  He has that future thinking ability – the vision – to grasp the present situation and apply it to the likely outcomes in the future.  Ron often sees the big picture while the rest of us are mired in our day-to-day business struggles.

Another nice thing about Ron is that he is not out for the glory.  “Not invented here” is not part of his personality.  Making the right decision is the key; and whether Ron recommended it or led others to it, he did not have to have his “name” on the action so long as he felt the action taken was a sound one.

While many of us will miss his day-to-day involvement as an attorney in the credit and collection industry, I think his latest endeavor is a terrific fit for him at this stage in his life, and that his clients will benefit greatly from his involvement with them.”

Herbert A. Rosenthal, Esquire, Principal, Law Office of Herbert A. Rosenthal, Chartered, Washington, DC

“Ron Opher is a doer who brings excellence and passion to every commitment that he undertakes.  I have known Ron for ten years and we have worked closely together on a national trade association board of directors.  Ron attained a leadership position in that organization through his uncanny ability to always complete projects on time and well beyond all expectations.  His intelligence helped others to make knowledge-based decisions and his success motivated others to also do their best at all times.

After joining Ron’s fantasy baseball league, I soon found that Ron’s fine problem-solving abilities were not limited to the board room – he excelled in that league year after year as a result of his ability to plan for the current season, while also keeping an eye on future seasons with every player acquisition and trade.

I would heartily recommend Ron to any professional in need of business consultation!”

Adam J. Olshan, Esquire, Partner, Law Office of Howard Lee Schiff, Hartford, CT

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