There is a silver lining

by RonOpher on August 12, 2010

There is a silver lining.

I have been wanting to write about this phenomenon for some time now.  Most of us have more time and less money flowing nowadays.

When money was flowing more freely, many of us would lament that we did not have time to enjoy it.  Few of us mastered staying on top of that wave of growth, surrounding ourselves with good people whose compensation did not put our businesses in the red and managing growth effectively – many of us opted instead to work longer hours and took solace in the bigger numbers we were achieving.

Not only did this type of lifestyle take away from our opportunity to enjoy non-business pursuits, I think it also made it difficult to find time to forge potential new business relationships, to survey the landscape, to learn from others and to share with others.  We also might have fallen behind the curve on learning about new business tools that can help expand business opportunity – most particularly in social media, blogging and bulk e-mail.

So where is the silver lining, you ask?

If you agree that we are operating in a permanently changed business landscape, the fact that we currently have more time to forge potential new business relationships, to survey the landscape, to learn from others and to share with others and to get caught up on the new business tools is a silver lining to the dark economic clouds which are stubbornly hovering overhead three years after the beginnings of the subprime mortgage meltdown.

I have noticed that people are much more eager to learn and share, to take time to meet and see if there’s synergy.  Or if there isn’t – to make introductions to others who might help or could benefit from the introduction.  It has all been called “networking” and it has all been done before – but I see it being done with a renewed sense of purpose and with a great deal of sincerity.  After a long period of reaping – we are now in sowing mode.

Just as it is raining hard today after several weeks of drought-like conditions in the Philadelphia area – while no one wants constant rain throughout the summer, dealing with the occasional rainy day is just as necessary as the enjoying a long string of sunny ones.

Let the rain speed up the process of watching what we have sown grow into the next harvest!

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